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We Can Help With Hair Loss

Hair is one of the most vital aspects of our appearance, affecting the way we look and feel, and requires serious attention every day. A great many things in life affect our hair, so it is not surprising that problems are common. Trichologists are trained to diagnose and advise on all aspects of hair loss and scalp treatment. On this site you can find out more about hair loss in women and female hair loss treatment, what causes male pattern baldness, Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Totalis. Of course there are a huge number of other hair loss conditions, if you do not know what kind of hair loss condition you have, we recommend you book an appointment with a qualified Trichologist.

We Can Help With Scalp Problems

Can range from mild dandruff to a more inflammatory condition like seborrhoeic eczema or psoriasis. Hereditary factors, stress, poor diet, and even allergies to certain foods can be responsible for the build up and shedding of dead skin cells.
With our own unique methods of scalp treatment we have an excellent record of helping people with itchy flaky scalp conditions. Perhaps you don't know why your scalp has suddenly become itchy, flaky and driving you mad to the point you scratch until your scalp bleeds! Once your problem is diagnosed correctly, we can suggest the right way to manage it.
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ÿ Male Pattern Balding only affects the
top, crown and upper sides of the head

ÿ Male Pattern Balding is the cause of
hair thinning or loss in 90% of men

ÿ Male Pattern Balding is not
caused by poor scalp

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Dr. Talat Salim is a professional Trichologist (specializing in treatment of Hair and Scalp disorders) She is one of the very few Trichologists in south India.

She completed her graduation from Dr. MGR Medical University Tamil Nadu. She was awarded Gold Medal for securing highest marks in her batch.