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Customer Testimonials
Jerome was very unhappy with his hair loss, in fact he was downright miserable not knowing who to turn to or where to go for honest advice. It was affecting him socially, his self esteem was diminishing day by day, eventually getting to the point where he needed his security blanket permanently, he would not remove his beloved hat at all.
During his search for an answer to his hair loss, he had visited other hair replacement centres, some wanting to fit a wig onto his scalp, calling it “hair by hair, looking just like your own but, by the way, you need to come back every few weeks for aftercare and re-fitting” and, adding insult to injury, ……more money……more disillusionment. Finally someone suggested Jerome should see a Trichologist, a specialist in hair and scalp problems.

Jerome came to Sehat Scalp and Hair Clinic, he was completely sceptical. The unknown can be somewhat overwhelming at times and, with his self image at such a low ebb, Jerome even had difficulty removing his hat for assessment. After many in-clinic consultations and questions over the phone, Jerome came to the conclusion. Now looking forward to correcting the problem that had plagued him for so long, Jerome made the date for his procedure.

The best thing for the team at Scalp and Hair Clinic was the day we received a phone call from Jerome, about 3 months after his treatments. He excitedly announced:
“Guess what? I’m not wearing my hat any more!! I love it"
To see a smile on my granddaughter’s face makes all the difference in the world. Her hair looks so alive. I could never thank you enough.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Safi - Nungambakkam
Jeromes Story

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I'm very much satisfied with the treatment. I could feel a better result & would like to recommend to my friends & relatives. "Thanks a lot" 

I'm also satisfied with the treatments. Insha Allah will remain the same. Thanks Sehat !! 


It was worth taking up the treatment. I definitely can feel the difference. 


I'm very happy to take up the treatment here. As any results are really very good & worth spending time and distance. I really feel very much satisfied with the treatment. Hope I will be able to maintain it. I thank once again madam for giving me such a nice treatment.

Thanks a lot. I am quite happy & satisfied with the help you have given me. I am very much satisfied with all the staffs who had make me feel very comfortable. Most of all I do feel small hair has came out. Thank you all !! 

As I am a patient, I don't think it was easy to treat my hair fall in there few settings, but I do find a slight improvement after the treatment. I will definitely continue the scalp & oil massages & keep in touch, not only because of the treatment but because you, Doctor.
Thank you once again, for coming into my life. I feel I can approach you any time I need your help or advice.  

I am very much satisfied with the results in hair fall. Dr. Talat is just fabulous, friendly & fantastic. So good as Ms. Hazra & Ms. Gomathi also. I thank the whole team of Sehat. I would like to visit atleast once to Sehat for my treatments maintenance. 
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